Friday, June 29, 2012

Rafflecopter instructions

Here is a quick guide on how to enter each step of the giveaway

Step One: These are the only mandatory steps! 

Like Panda Speech and Zorten on Facebook!

Click +1 DO IT! button to the left of each "Like" and it will bring up the next window. 


Rafflecopter makes it easy by placing the Facebook "like" button right in this window and all you have to do is click it! 
You can also do this on Facebook on another web page tab. 

If you already "like" Panda Speech and the App Developer you can simply just push the enter button. (This will give you 2 entries). 

Step 2: (This is not mandatory but it will get you +3 entries!!) 
Click the +3 DO IT button and it will pop up this window. 
Scroll down to the bottom of the blog page (the page you are on when entering the rafflecopter) and you will see "enter your comment" in a blank white box: see below)


Type the answer to the question I posted in the rafflecopter here and then click "publish"

Now scroll back up to the rafflecopter (it should be right above the comment section) and click the green ENTER button.

You have now just added 3 entries to your name and increased your chances of winning!

Step 3: (This is not mandatory but it will increase you chances of winning) Tweeting about the giveaway! 
This one is the most challenging because there are multiple steps.

Click the +2 DO IT button

Click the "Tweet" button on the rafflecopter. This will bring up a new window in your twitter account (you may have to log in if you haven't already). 

You should see a screen that looks similar to this.You will notice the tweet is already written and ready to go. Simply push the "tweet" button on the lower right. 

The next screen you should see should have a "view it on twitter" link in blue type at the top. Click it quick because this page will self close.

This will take you straight to your tweet in twitter. 

Click and select the entire web URL at that top of the page and copy it. 

You will then go back to the blog and paste this URL in the box provided.  

Press the green "ENTER" button and you are done!

If you tweeted but are having difficulty getting the URL and pasting it in rafflecopter here is what you can do:

After you tweet it go ahead and hit the green "ENTER" button in the rafflecopter for this step. 
Next try to find the tweet URL in twitter and you can copy and paste it in an email to me. If you can not do that, simply email me and I will check twitter to validate your entry!

You can complete this step (Tweeting) daily to get more entries! 

I hope this helps! As always email me panda with any further questions!

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