Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Speech with Milo Articulation Game Board!

Speech with Milo Articulation Board Game: Common Sounds Pack-Review and Giveaway!
By Doonan Speech Therapy (iPad ONLY)

$5.99 View in iTunes 
A fun new way to work on articulation skills!  
I APPsolutely love it! 

This app is a first of its kind and it turns regular articulation drills into a fun and engaging board game!

  • The common sounds offered in this app are /F/, /V/, /K/, /G/, /S/, /Z/, /CH/, /SH/. Initial, medial, and final positions for each sound. (Over 500 target words!)
  • Add, store and track up to 20 students ($.99 for each additional 3 students after 20)
  • Run groups with up to 5 players at a time. 
  • Each student gets to choose a unique character to play with.

Set Up: Add each student in "Student Set up" tab on home screen. You will add their name and select their target sounds and positions. Next you will go back to home screen and push play. The app will ask you to choose which students are playing (you can also select the therapist if you want to play along with them) and each student can pick their own character to play with. 

Game Play: The students' characters will be displayed on the game board to show whose turn it is. The student will tap the spinner in the middle of the board then they will move that number of spaces (1-6).  I really like that you have to place your finger on your character and physically drag it to each square (similar to a real board game and great for fine motor!). There is a lit up cue on the targeted space to show the students where to go. When the student lands on a space it will pop up one of their target words in a picture card. You then can request a certain number of productions to move on to the next turn (I usually do 5). There are data collection buttons right on each picture card (correct/approximations/incorrect).  On the board you will see many different fun squares and obstacles such as STOP, BONUS, GO BACK, and GO FORWARD. The students I have used this with really like these squares. The game ends when the first player makes it to the school at the end of the board. 

Data: As a speech therapist, this is the first thing I look for when buying new apps to use in therapy! As I stated above, you keep track of productions during the game on each picture card. At the end of the session you can view their data and email it. The data is also stored in the app to be viewed at anytime. I really like viewing data after several sessions to track progress! 

Options: You can customize the sounds in the app (turn on/off: dice sound, background sound, card sound, game piece sounds, and spoken word). You can also turn on/off the written word on the picture card. 


Click here for a demo video by Speech with Milo

What I love: I really like the board game! I have used board games for years in therapy and now I have one right on my iPad! As a traveling SLP this is gold!!!! I also love the bargain price!! $5.99 for this app seems like a steal (SLP apps are pricey!). 

What I would like to see different: I would love to see all phonemes (maybe there will be more board game apps from Speech with Milo at a later date!!!). I also would like to see the ability to add more than 20 students (most of us SLPs have huge caseloads these days!!) without having to pay an extra .99 for 3 students. 


I am giving away two copies of this amazing app! There are two ways to enter!  Contest will end October 4, 2012 at 11pm.

1.  Enter using the rafflecopter below. 

2. Enter by leaving a blog comment on this post answering the question below. This is for all of you who don't prefer rafflecopters! Entries will put into a hat and drawn at random by my son (a picture will be posted of the winning name!).  

Here is the question I want you to answer in your comment: What is the most important feature you look for in an articulation app? 

*You may enter both ways but you may only win once! If your name is chosen on both, I will re-draw in the rafflecopter. 

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  1. First and foremost, it has to hold the child's attention, which means it has to be fun! Secondly, I'd like it to have the sounds I want to target. For example, children LOVE "Speech Stickers," but it does not have /f/.


  2. I'm new to working as an itinerant SLP, so this app definitely would lighten the load a bit. What I look for in an artic app is not only a way to easily track data, but also a variety of targets. Thanks for the review.

  3. Most important feature I look for in an articulation app is that it must be motivational/engaging/appealing to my students. I prefer that it addresses most if not all target sounds, and that it collects data across several levels. I also like to be able to use the app in a group setting.

  4. Ideally, something fun/engaging for the kids, but also with appropriate level of words and a variety for each sound. I also am always on the hunt for apps that start at a sound/syllable level for my little clients working at that level.

  5. The most important feature that I look for in an artic app is that it has to be motivating to my students and have interesting pictures/rewards/praise. I like if it has a wide range of artic sounds that it addresses. I also really like the apps that keep data (even though I still continue to keep my own data during a session - it's just a habit). :)

  6. Your review of the app is wonderful, it makes me very excited that I will have the possibility of adding it to my collection. The data tracking feature is so important because data is essential and since data collection has always been unnecessary (it is now critical to have an even more formal assessment tool for data, such as the one paired with this program)

  7. Wagnerslp won the name drawing! See my FB for the video/pic!