Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adjective Remix Review

Adjective Remix Review
By Smarty Ears $9.99

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This is another great tool for you iPad if you are a speech pathologist, teacher, or parent! This app is designed to build vocabulary skills by receptive identification of adjectives.  Being able to describe the world around you/understand descriptions is a key language feature to increase expression and comprehension.

Basic Features:

  • Two stimuli are presented with a auditory prompt (question) and the child has to tap on the correct picture. For example : Which one is cold?  (a picture of ice and hot coffee is presented). 
  • You can store and track multiple uses with the ability to run group sessions. 
  • 8 Major categories to choose from (appearance, colors, feelings, quantity, shape, size, time, touch/taste). 
  • The ability to choose the specific adjectives to target. 
  • Report cards that are emailable and printable (see my son's report card on the upper right). 
  • Positive reinforcement (audio and visual) with the ability to customize what the app does when the child chooses wrong (keep going, no response, audio signal). 
  • Choose the presentation of the items (randomly or in order). 
  • A quick start mode that lets you jump right into practicing adjectives without having to choose or add students.

What I like: 

  • I really like the images used in this app. Smarty ears chose real life photos, which can make the images more meaningful for speech/language delayed kids. 
  • I like that the child's photo (or chosen avatar) is displayed in the upper left hand corner! Kids love seeing themselves and it helps reinforce turn taking and patients! ("Wait until you see your picture and then it's your turn!")
  • I love the in-app support (a feature that Smarty Ears is known for). It links you directly to their customer support email, video tutorial, Facebook page, and information on their other apps.
  • I love the $9.99 price! This app targets one concept and is a real bargain! This is great for people who want target specific apps! 
What I would improve on: 
  • This is tough because this app is so simple and great! I would like to see the ability to tailor the settings for each child in group sessions. (Choose the targets/categories/adjectives to use for each one).

How I use in therapy:
  • I always try to think outside the box to make each app I buy more effective in therapy sessions. This app is great for receptive identification but you can also use it for expressive language and generalizing. After a stimulus is presented and selected,  I would say "Let's think of other cold things" I may model a few and see if I can get the child respond (ice cream, snow, water ect..). 
  • I love it when the stimulus can be related to items directly in my room "Which one is red?" I then  get out my pointer finger (that the students love) and we point to all of the other red things we see in my room and name them. 

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  1. I would use this app in my speech therapy classes to work on adjectives and vocabulary development!

  2. Looks wonderful - I would use this to help my son learn these sometimes difficult to teach items.

  3. I like the looks of this alot! I would use this in therapy to work on descriptive adjectives, vocabulary development, and increase in MLU. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. This look great! Lots of my early elementary kids need to work on these skills! Thanks!

  5. Looks like a great app to use with my students to work on those tricky Adjectives.

  6. Another wonderful ap by Smarty Ears :) This app would be used in our homeschool program.

  7. I would love this to use with my speech therapy students in an elementary school! They have such a hard time comprehending adjectives and using various ones other than "good" "big" "small".

  8. Thank you for this opportunity! This looks like a great app. I would love to use it with my students who find learning adjectives difficult.
    I hope, I hope! Thanks~

  9. would love to add this app to my tools! thanks!

  10. I would use it in therapy with my SLP kiddos.

  11. would love to add this app to my therpay app list