Monday, May 7, 2012

Swapsies Review!


by Spinlight Studios $1.99

I can't say enough about this app! This app is so cute and well
thought out, but still remains simple and easy to use!

Teach occupations with this swipe input game! Swipe the clothes on the character (you get to choose which character to dress) and make them a fireman, police man, doctor, cowboy and many more in the Mix Up section.  There are three things to match: The hat, shirt, and pants! The new update also features little games after you dress the character associated with the occupation (rounding up the cows for the rancher!).

It has a quiz me game that is great for comprehension (it has the occupation in the middle and asks "what does an astronaut fly in?" with four pictures to choose from!  I use this app in speech therapy sessions with language delayed kids to boost receptive and expressive language skills! I am also planning on making a paper dolls with the images from the app for my kids to take home! I will post printables for those after I make them!

Receptive Language Tasks: While playing his game you talk about the occupations and match their outfits. After each match you play the game to reinforce it (X-Ray the Bear as the doctor to find "boo boos,"  Stop the traffic as the police office to let the turtle cross the road ect...). Then you go to the Quiz Me section and test their understanding of the occupations! (Who puts out fires? See if the student selects the firefighter).

Expressive Language Tasks: While playing the Mix Up section and making matches, ask the student to guess the occupation before you move on to the game. When you play the reinforcer activity, have the student name the objects and actions in the game.

If you are looking for an affordable and high quality app to work on boosting language skills through fun learning.....this is the one for you! :)

Features listed in iTunes!
• 10 different occupations
• Six customizable character (three girls/three boys)
• Thousands of possible combinations
• A fun activity for each occupation
• Interactive quiz mode with bonus round questions
• Accomplishment tracking
• Intuitive navigation
• Rewards sounds to create positive enforcement and encourage exploration.
• Retina screen support for iPhone and iPod Touch
                                                                         • Large buttons for small fingers