Monday, May 7, 2012

Articulate it Review

Articulate it by Smarty Ears!


This is an app that replaces the need for articulation flash card decks! It contains over 1000 picture cards with every phoneme in the English language! Each student or child has a profile that contains their date of birth, grade, and picture (or avatar). You can select all of a student's target phonemes or processes and then choose which ones to practice in each session. You can use this app with groups with tailored goals for each student. This app gives you the ability to work on phonemes/processes in words or in phrases.

When each card or target is presented it will give an audio model of the word or phrase. You also have the option of removing the audio and the text presented on the card. With each card you can record the student's response and write notes. After the child says the word you can select the green check if they got it right and the blue x if wrong. At the end of the session it tracks the percentage of accuracy for you and produces an emailable session report. The app also stores the session data so you can track progress over time.

Things I find neat about this app:
On the actual picture card presented there is a paper clipped picture of the student (or the avatar they selected for themselves) with their name! The kids really like this feature! It is great for turn taking reinforcement during group sessions.
Another great feature: When you select a child that has already used the app, you have the choice to repeat the previous items practiced. This is handy so you don't have re-select the phonemes/processes that you want to target. You can also see the list of words for each phoneme and hand pick which words you want to use.

The pictures are a mix of real life photos, smarty symbols, and digital illustrations.

I really like using this app while playing therapy games. I use an iPad stand and set up Articulate it with my group. On each turn of the game the students have to practice their phonemes/processess with the app before they get to make their move! After their production (while they are taking their turn) I can tap  correct or incorrect and make any notes right there in the app! At the end of the day I have all of my students' progress information available to my fingertips! This app really is a time saver and a motivator!!

Here is a list of features listed on their app in iTunes:
1. Over 1 thousand pictures;
2. Audio recordings for every word present on this app! You child can practice saying their sounds on their own by repeating the voice on the app;

3. Contains ALL phonemes of the English language;

4. Ability to track multiple students at the same time with separate goals;

5. Ability to group sounds by Manner of articulation or phonological processes;

6. Built in voice recording allows the children to compare their productions with the audio recording;

7. Extremely specific results screens- give you percentage based on phonemes/ position in the words/ which words were missed and more...

8. Note taking capability: allows SLPs and parents to take notes during practice.

9. Universal app! Looks great on iPhone and on iPad.

10. Amazing images.

11. Allows you to skip images you don't want to practice.

12. So many features and more. Watch our video for more information!

Smarty Ears continues to make high quality apps that really revolutionize speech therapy! Articulate it is a great looking and great performing app that my students have responded well too!

Images taken from google and smarty ears website for informative purposes only!


  1. This one is on my wish list

    1. It's on sale now! Go get it! don't forget to leave a review on iTunes after you try it out!