Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pocket Pairs Review

Pocket Pairs by Pocket SLP
This app is $23.99 (Check for Sales!)
As a traveling SLP I am always looking for apps for my iPad to minimize the amount of materials I have to lug from site to site. When I discovered Pocket SLP, I thought, what could get better!! Then they came out with the Minimal Pairs app. This app is beyond useful in my daily therapy activities. Not only is it full flashcard app to work on all of the phonological processes in minimal pairs, but you can also integrate a whole group of students with different goals (processes) at once! It has both expressive and receptive tasks (production and discrimination).  It is completely customizable to your caseload!
 A really neat feature is that before the student touches one of the cards, they get to see their name right on the card. (Mandi West, Say the Words). This is very motivating during group sessions!
After each pair  is presented you have a data collection button (one for correct production, approximation, and incorrect).  It keeps track of the percentage of accuracy for you and stores the data to show progress at a glance for each student.
It includes in-app generated reports:
You have choices between three formats: graph, report card, and spreadsheet. I really love the report card format because it outlines the session (percentage correct and actual words used) and has a section to instruct parents on how to work with them at home! What is better than tailored handouts and homework for parents!  The graph format is great for tracking progress (excellent visual representation for parents/teachers).   
You can also run a daily report for all students that will show data from every session completed that day, which is very useful when you are filling out progress notes/forms. When you are finished you can email or print results right from the app.
This app really abolishes the need for card decks or flipbooks to address phonological processes!
 I don’t know what it is about the iPad and using apps in therapy, but the students I work with really respond to the “touch” interactions better than they did before with traditional flashcard activities. For this busy traveling SLP, Minimal Pairs is a life saver!
This app is more sleek and "clean" looking without a lot of visual distractions. (Compared to some of the other apps that have a lot more background graphics). I prefer to use this one with older elementary aged kids or ones who are distracted easily.