Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fun and Functional by Smarty Ears

Fun and Functional App Review

This app is designed to improve language skills (receptive and expressive) in all age groups using real world objects (functional objects). It is very easy to use and set up. I consider this a must have for every SLP device! You can use this app with children and adults.

The app has two different tasks:

Receptive: 2-4 objects are presented (you choose how many depending on the level of your client) and described ("What do we use to brush our teeh") . The client then has to touch the item described. You can customize what happens when the wrong item is touched (keep going, remove item, or buzz). When the client touches the correct item they recieve positive reinforcement (the sound of children saying yea!). You can also customize how similar the items presented are to increase the level of difficulty. I really love the customizable features! (Sometimes the buzzing can upset a child when they answer incorrectly).

Expressive: An object is pictured and there is a prompt asking what the item is used for (What is a seat belt used for?).  The therapist can then tap one of three buttons (missed it, almost, or Got it!). This will keep track of their progress throughout the session.

Categories included: Electronics, clothing, occuaptions, kitchen, vehicle/transportation, school items, household items, outdoor, grooming, and miscellaneous. You can select the categories you want my turning each of them on or off. (Which is great if you just want to work on one category at a time!).

At the end of the session is generates a report that is emailable. The report outlines the session by showing the categories worked on, what level/activity (ex.  expressive/receptive, 4 items per screen) and the percentange of accuracy for the tasks. (ex. Receptive 50% Expressive 45%).  

This app uses Smarty Symbols created by Smary Ears. These are great symbols and they seem to translate well to the clients I have used this app with! I do prefer real object pictures but that does not stop me from using this amazing app!

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