Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome to Panda Speech :)

This blog was created for SLPs and parents with speech/language delayed kiddos.  I will be posting on many topics in the future including: develpmental norms, apps, activities for home, help with terminology (what the heck does that mean??), questions from parents, and many more. I will have a website up soon with printable activites for home as well as information on a variety of speech/language topics.  Please feel free to conatct me via facebook or twitter (search pandaspeech) or email me at

Please note that I am not here to give any therapy recommendations, diagnostic information, or to replace therapy services. Always refer to your own speech language pathologist for specific questions or recommendations. This blog is to serve as a free resource for parents to get information and ideas to help their child carry over their speech and language skills into the home environment. I also am on a mission to help practicing SLPs gain knowledge of apps and technology in our profession!

As I said on my facebook page, kids need more than just 2-3 sessions a week in therapy to make progress, they need their caregivers to help them carry over the skills into everday life!

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