Sunday, June 26, 2011

Visual Consequence Chart

Children with communication disorders may have behavior issues related to their lack of language or ways to tell you things. Visual pictures are a great way to help these kiddos including: visual schedules, visual choices, visual consequence charts for behaviors.
This is an example of my 5 yo son's visual consequence chart that I made for him with Boardmaker (Mayer Johnson). He has sensory issues and it really helps him remember what happens for certain behaviors. I suggest a much simpler version for a younger child or a child with low language. (I will have more examples on my website). The timer timeout symbol on this chart is a technique I use by getting a mat or carpet (that you take everywhere) and having him sit on it during a time out. I start the timer at 4 minutes and add minutes if he gets off the mat or continues to scream or throw a fit. (This technique was recommended by a behavioral psychologist for my son).
How do visual consequence charts relate to speech therapy? This kind of visual reinforcer can help children with language delays and behavior problems by giving them a symbol to attach to the undesired behavior and a symbol attached to the consequence. You can use this with children with a variety of language challenges.  Each child's chart has to be unique and tailored to their behaviors and cognitive level. I am not a behavioral specialist in any way, I just know what works with my son. I have had parents use these kind of visual charts and have reported to me success as well. The key is consistency, do the same thing EVERY time. Keep them on a schedule!

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