Wednesday, July 8, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge Week 4

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This week's challenge is all about giving a shout out to other sellers that you have connected with during the #tptsellerchallenge! Since the challenge started I have connected with a TON of SLPs and other TPT sellers! I started a Panda Speech Instagram (which is a GREAT way to interact with others) and have made more of an effort to support my fellow TPT creators! Here are three SLPs that I have interacted with this summer and personally used their products! They are all fabulous! I am going to highlight a product of theirs that I have! 

Beautiful Speech-Kristin's store has a lot of great language activities in it! She has recently created an articulation screener that is teacher friendly! Kristin and I swapped products for the #tptsellerchallenge week 3 and she gave me wonderful feedback on a product! Checkout her TPT store by clicking here!!! 

Cats Says Meow- I like her stuff because she has a focus on functionality. I am also a lover of adaptive books and she has many in her store! I really like her WH Question Dough Mats! I recommend you take a look around her store! Click Here! 

Peachie Speechie-  I have gotten to interact with Peachie Speechie on Instagram a lot since I opened the Panda Speech account!  Peachie Speechie is unique because she sells fun speech therapy t-shirts (&more) on her website AND has a TPT store! I recently bought her Prompts on a Stick and LOVE them! Check out her TPT store by clicking here!

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