Friday, July 3, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge Week 3!

Make Your Masterpiece

This week's challenge was to create a new product for TPT!  I was so excited about this challenge that I made 6!! (5 are a book series!). 

The Sound Hammer! 
The first product I made was an old idea from 2008 that I dusted off! I originally made a simplified version of this product (in 2011) but it was UGLY! ha ha ha. I re-designed the whole thing and added features! This product is a fun way to target /k/ and /g/. The students get to use a toy hammer to "fix" furniture with sound and word nails! See images below! I have used this concept for years and it is especially a hit with little boys! I am working on a Sound Hammer packet to target final consonant deletion too! 

Click Here to go to my TPT store to get it!

Functional Vocabulary Interactive Books
I have 5 books in this series that can be purchased individually or in a bundle (for a discount). 

 Click Here to go to my store to get these books!
  • Winter or Summer? An Interactive and Adaptive Book About Clothing (two vocabulary levels)
  • Land or Water Animal? An Interactive and Adaptive Book About Animals
  • Road, Water, or Sky? An Interactive and Adaptive Book About Vehicles
  • Breakfast or Summer? An Interactive and Adaptive Book About Food
  • Kitchen or Bathroom? An Interactive and Adaptive Book about Household Objects!
I started testing these books in therapy about 2 weeks ago and they are amazing! They encourage matching skills, functional vocabulary, categorizing,  listening skills, and increasing MLU!  The best part about the books is the comprehension activities at the end. In the clothing book you get to dress a boy for winter or summer. In the animal book you get to put animals on the land or in the water. In the vehicles book you get to put vehicles on the road, in the water, and in the sky. In the food book you get to make a breakfast and a lunch plate. In the household item book you get to put kitchen items on the table and bathroom items on the sink. It is such a good way to reinforce the concept in each book!  I have short video demos on my Instagram and Facebook Page (click to go see them!).


  1. Your books are very cute and clever. Your students must love you. Nice job! Best of luck to you. Oh and my daughter would love your blog, she is crazy for all things panda. :)

  2. I LOVE your interactive books, such an awesome idea for your classroom!