Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sizzlin' Summer SLP Sale! 

Some of the SLPs on TPT have decided to throw a Sizzlin' Summer Sale! I decided to join in (and of course I will be purchasing too) Stock up now!!! 

Here are a few of my latest products that you can get ON SALE July 13th and 14th!!  Click on the images to view in my store!

Category Pizzas (available starting 7/13/2015)! 

I just finished this one up today! I have many kids working on categories and I am  always looking for cute activities to target them! Sort object toppings onto the correct category pizza ( a velcro game).  I also included 2 card decks in this packet (one for naming the category and one for naming items in a category). You also get 2 worksheet activities (Pizza Go-Togethers and Category Matching) and 2 coloring/craft pages (color a pizza and design a pizza). The worksheets are perfect as homework too! 

The Sound Hammer

This is fun and engaging way to work on /k/ and /g/ or final consonant deletion! The students get to practice hitting sound, syllable, word, and phrase nails with a toy hammer! There also nails to put on your furniture for the student to "fix" while practicing their targets! I created this activity in graduate school (back in 2008) but recently re-vamped it for a product in my store! I plan on adding other articulation targets in the near future! 

       Functional Vocabulary Interactive Books!

These have really been a hit in therapy since I started using them! These books are great for: functional vocabulary, increasing MLU (mean length of utterance), matching skills, expressive/receptive language skills, following directions, and listening skills. They were designed to be simple and functional without a lot of distracting images or text.  Many children will recognize the functional vocabulary in these books and get excited to use the symbols and pieces! Each books contains a unique comprehension activity at the end for the student to interact with! Check out my Facebook (click on videos) or Instagram to see quick demos of these books! I have 5 books available (buy them separately or in a bundle!). 

Build-A-Series Games! 

These were one of my first TPT products! I have created many more since the original (Build-A-Jack-O-Lantern came first!). These are great little reinforcer games to play during speech therapy sessions. Target a skill (articulation, language, fluency, ect...) in between each turn. I also have Companion Decks to go along with these games to target language skills directly (categories, functional vocabulary, irregular plurals/verbs, compare/contrast, ect...) Roll a dice to earn pieces to build a character! Super fun! 

Check out some of the items from other SLPs on TPT that I am putting in my cart!! Click on the images to see these products on TPT! 
Ben Goes Back to School Book by Speech Time Fun! This looks super cute!! I LOVE interactive books! I am building a nice collection from many different SLPs!

Back to School Vocabulary Activities

Back to School Vocabulary Activities by Teaching Talking! I always need more vocabulary activities! This will be great for the the first couple of weeks of school. 

AAC Core Word of the Week: Set 1

AAC Core Word of the Week Set 1 and 2 by Speech Room news!  This looks awesome!

How Arrrrgh They Alike?I have a Pirate Theme planned for my prek-1st grade students in September (after my back to school theme). I got this great vocabulary game from Simply Speech!

SLP Planner {2015-16} 

I just bought Crazy Speech World's SLP Planner and I highly recommend you get that too!

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