Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge Week 2

Dare to Dream

This week's challenge is "Dare to Dream." Here is my Dare to Dream image! 

Hopefully my TPT store will help me obtain all of my dreams! I hope to supplement my income to achieve them all! 

  • Pay off my student loans: I was the first person in my family to attend college and go on to earn a master's degree. Unfortunately my family was unable to pay for any of my college expenses. I had to apply for grants and student loans to make it through! I am now paying off this hefty debt but hope to have it paid off soon (my goal is in 5 years!). It would be awesome to boost my payements with some TPT income! 

  • Buy a cabin in the woods: I was born in the mountains of Montana (30 minutes from Glacier National Park!!). The mountains make me feel at peace and at home. My family moved to the Texas plains many years ago and that is where I remain. My heart desires to be back in the mountains some day. I don't like the harsh winters associated with it, so a nice little summer cabin is in my dreams! I would love to summer in the mountains and of course create more TPT products! I just know my creativity would blossom surrounded by pine trees and peaks. 

  • Earn my PhD and teach at the graduate level:  I have a passion for my profession (Speech Language Pathology) and I am always researching and trying to learn more. I love talking about speech therapy and all of the science behind it! Unfortunately, besides my fellow professionals, not many people want to listen to me talk about it for very long ha ha ha! I would absolutely love to teach at the graduate level and have a whole classroom filled with eager minds that actually want to listen and learn! I would love to be a part of training new professionals to do the work I truly love.  Hmmmm wonder if my TPT store could fund my Phd?? 

  • Travel to ALL 50 states before my kids graduate high school: Each summer my husband and I take our 3 boys on a road trip. We plan on visiting every state before our oldest graduates high school (he will be in 5th grade this year). So far we have traveled to 15 states and have seen all of the major landmarks on the way! I just love that my children are gaining all of these experiences! My philosophy is to spoil your children with experiences not material objects!  This summer we plan on doing the deep south to Florida! Some of our stops will include: the Atlanta aquarium, Graceland, Everglades (swamp boat tour!!), Disney World, and New Orleans! We are hoping to get 8 more states this year! I can't wait! I am hoping my TPT store could fund some of our road trips too! 

As you can see I have some big dreams! I love creating materials and would be tickled if my TPT store income could contribute to one or all of them! 

If have a TPT store and would like to get involved CLICK HERE for more information! Again thank you to the hosts for this fun challenge! 

I have been doing some major updating in my TPT store (cover photos, product updates, banners, ect..) Click Here to take a look!

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  1. Great goals! Good luck with all of them! :)

  2. You have almost convinced me that a summer cabin in the mountains to create TPT resources should be one of my goals, too ;)
    You have a great list of goals - I wish you the best of luck!
    Maternelle avec Mme Andrea