Sunday, June 7, 2015

Road Trip Bingo!

Weekly Speech and Language Tip!

Road Trip B I N G O! 

Another great way to stimulate speech and language in the car is through Road Trip Bingo!! This is a fun way for the family to interact  and also keep the kids out of the electronics for a bit!  I have created some simple Road Trip Bingo boards using Smarty Symbols. Click on each of the boards below and print (each one is slightly different). Give each family member a board and a marker (I laminate mine and use dry erase markers). As they find each item on the board (tree, police car, stop sign, cow, ect...) have them mark it out!

Road Trip Bingo Board 1

Road Trip Bingo Board 2

Road Trip Bingo Board 3

Road Trip Bingo Board 4

Two ways to play: 
  • Four in a row! The first person to get 4 in a row yells "BINGO" and wins! 
  • Black out Bingo! The first person to get all of the items on the board yells "BINGO" and wins! 

  • For younger kids or kids with limited language or cognitive skills: Have them point to objects as they see them.  Some may require more assistance by pointing to the object (cow) and then pointing to the picture on the board. Help them mark it off and repeat with the other items. 
  • For articulation: Have your students identify the words on the board with their speech sound (r, f, k, g, ect..). When they find those items, have them practice their word 5 times!

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