Sunday, May 10, 2015

Teddy Bear Prepositions!

Weekly Speech and Language Tips by Mandi SLP

Teddy Bear Prepositions! 

This is a fun way to work on positional vocabulary! Take your child’s favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal and play “hide and go seek.”
  • To target expressive skills hide the bear and then ask your child “Where is the bear?” The expected response would be “on the chair, under the table, in the basket behind the book ect…”  
  • To target receptive you can give commands to your child and have them “hide the teddy bear.”   You could say “I want you to hide the bear on top of something, I want you to hide the bear under something, I want you to hide the bear in something ect…”  
  • Another great expressive tasks is to ask the child where they want you to hide it! 
  • You can also have your child hide the bear and give you clues on how to find it!
Here is a list of prepositions to use: 
  • in/out  
  • on/off    
  • under/over    
  • above/below   
  • behind/in front  
  • beside   
  • in between

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