Sunday, May 17, 2015

Homophones and Humor!

Weekly Speech and Language Tip by Mandi SLP

Homophones and Humor!

I love using photo memes and cartoons in speech therapy sessions! Take a look at this hilarious cartoon by I will let you know how I use it in therapy below!

Language:  This picture is great for promoting higher level language skills. I use this in two ways: 
  • Vocabulary: I show it to students and we talk about homophones. We will talk about the two meanings of the word “seal.” (A fish-eating aquatic mammal with a streamlined body and feet developed as flippers / a device or substance that is used to join two things together so as to prevent them from coming apart).  Then we will look up other homophones to discuss and we try to come up with a funny picture about one!  Here is a list of other homophones you could discuss: ant/aunt, I/eye, blue/blew, sent/cent, ate/eight, buy/bye, bee/be.  If you can’t think of a funny way to draw them together you could divide the paper down the middle and have your child draw a picture of each meaning side by side to visually show the two meanings! Have fun!
  • Pragmatics: One pragmatic language skill (understanding and using social rules) is understanding humor. I will ask the child why this picture is funny or for them to  identify the joke in the picture. The way I would explain it would be as follows:  This picture is funny because the seal it hurt and that attracts a shark to eat him, he is telling the shark “don’t consume if seal is broken” because that is a common warning on food items with seals. This is funny because the seal is hurt (or broken).  
When I find a good cartoon or meme I will share it on my blog, facebook page, or pinterest page.

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