Monday, May 18, 2015

#BHSM App Developer Spotlight of the Week

home-spotlight#BHSM App Developer Spotlight of the Week
The developer in the spotlight this week is Pocket SLP

Their apps are designed and developed by Speech Language Pathologists! 

I am highlighting their My Story for Speech and Language App! Available in iTunes for iPad/iPhone/iPod

Read about this app from their co-founder Corey Walker who is an SLP!

"This app is a book maker with preloaded content specifically for articulation,  categories, vocabulary, and narratives.  I found this to be a really useful and fun format top focus on both articulation and language.  It's been one of my favorite new apps to use because kids truly love being able to create their own wild stories while working on their goals.  It's also the perfect way for students to hear immediate feedback and to share progress with parents and teachers in a creative way."

This app is perfect for the busy school-based SLP especially! I work in schools and am always looking for ways to incorporate literacy into therapy! 

I love how you can target multiple objectives with this app!

I also really like how you can share your student's creation easily with parents and teachers! 
This app is only $4.99! A very good deal for an app with a lot of content! (A free version is also available)
I have ALL of Pocket SLP's apps! They are fun and affordable! 

Here a few more of their apps! See the full list of their apps on the Pocket SLP website Click Here! 

Describe it: This one is featured on my favorite apps page.   This helps students work on describing objects using cues from your five senses, function, and category! A fun game!


Artic Academy: This is a fun articulation app that includes fun activities (guess the picture, word scramble) and different target levels (word, phrase, story).  I like this one for my older articulation students.


Pocket Artic: This is a full articulation flashcard app! Handy to have if you are a traveling SLP! 

Pocket SLP has generously donated a copy of their app My Story for Speech and Language in honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month. All you have to do is like the original facebook post and share it to be entered! Click Here to go back to that post!


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