Sunday, May 3, 2015

#BHSM App Developer Spotlight of the Week

home-spotlightIn honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month,  I am doing an App Developer Spotlight and Giveaway each week in the month of May! I will be featuring apps that I use in therapy regularly!

Spinlight StudioThe developer in the spotlight this week is Spinlight Studios! "Educational Games with Serious Game"

Image result for spinlight studiosAlphaTots- I LOVE this game! Most alphabet apps/books/games focus on an object associated with the letter. This app is all about ACTION! Each letter is associated with an action ('b' is for building robots, 'd' is for digging) and they child has to complete the action in a game!  I use this app for following directions, object/action identification, listening skills, increasing MLU, and functional vocabulary. 

Image result for SwapsiesSwapsies Jobs- This is a cute game that targets community helpers! Swap the clothes to make matches (fireman, policeman, doctor, farmer, ect..). Each community helper has a fun little game to go along with it! I use this app for functional object identification, listening skills, increasing MLU, and functional vocabulary. 

Image result for Gappy's First wordsGappy Learns Reading- This is a cute game to work on blending sounds into words. You get to build a house for Gappy as a reward. My students LOVE this game. I use this app for sound blending, rhyming, and phonological awareness skills. 


I have a couple of each of these cute apps to giveaway to my followers. To enter just like and share the original Panda Speech Facebook post. Click here to go back and do it! I will use to select the winner out of the likes/shares. You have to be a fan of Panda Speech on Facebook (like the page) to win! 

Contest ends Friday May 8th at 10pm! 


Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review.  My app reviews are primarily for the apps that I have used in therapy. Occasionally I will do a review requested by a developer, in this case a copy of the app is usually given to me to try out.

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