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Adaptive and Interactive Books!

Adaptive and Interactive Books!

What is an adaptive or an interactive book? Some people use these two word interchangeably and some people see them as separate things. However you see it, they are both a type of book designed for special education or speech therapy.

Here are my definitions:

Adaptive Book: An adaptive book is a book that has been well.....adapted!  This might mean that there are adaptive sentences with picture representation (picture symbols) underneath the words or that it simply a book that targets more functional vocabulary for specific learning objectives. You can also adapt an already published book (any book in a classroom) by adding picture symbol strips to the pages with simplified vocabulary/sentences.

Interactive Book: An interactive book generally has some type of interactive quality to it. You may be matching picture symbols to pictures in the book, answering questions in the story with picture symbols, or some other activity based thing. There are tons of interactive books already published (with pop outs, spinners,  flaps, ect..) but I am talking about interactive books designed for special education and speech therapy.

I have found many of the books I buy can be considered both interactive AND adaptive! :) 

I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE adaptive and interactive books that I use in therapy weekly.  All of my books I purchased through TPT and they were made by other speech therapists or special education specialists! I love this because these sellers are out there creating materials specific for what I do!  I am going to highlight my top 5!!!

1. What's Bugging You? by the Autism Helper!  This book is so cute! The object is object identification and the student has to place a bug on the object! There is fun language such as "What's bugging you" and "oh no, a bug is on the bird."  I also own 3 more "What's Bugging You" books including one that targets prepositions (the bug is next to the dog) and one that targets object function (put the bug on the one you clean with). 

2.  Positional Words Interactive Book - Prepositions TOO!  by Sparkle Smiles and Successful Students. This book targerts positional vocabulary (in, on, under ect...) with a school theme! It is so simple and cute! 

3. Wheels on the Bus: Interactive Adaptive Book by Jenna Rayburn (Speech Room News). Jenna has a unique layout to her books (the symbols are stored to the right of the pages so they are assessable with each page). This is a fun book to go along with the classic song. Jenna Rayburn has tons of other adaptive books in her TPT store! I own almost ALL of them!

 4. EASY READER I see + Noun Adapted Book Special Education Autism by AdaptEd. This book is great because of the sentence strips found on each page. I use it for object identification and to increase MLU (I use tactile cueing-tapping the pictures to increase the student's utterance length).  This seller has MANY books like this in her store. This specific one is princess themed for my little girls in PK-K1

5. Interactive Vocabulary Books: All About Me Themed for Preschool by Jenna Rayburn (Speech Room News). These books come in a bundle and they are great! The students get to talk about themselves and learn about feelings!

I also make my own books and I consider mine to be both adaptive and interactive!  All of my books have some sort of interactive quality to them (picture symbols, my selection ring tool, or a detachable speech helper). You can find my books in my TPT store HERE.  When I make them I always have a specific concept in mind that I want it to teach!

Comment below with your favorite interactive and adapted books! I am always looking for new ones to add to my library! I highly encourage you to check out my top 5!
I am doing a giveaway through Rafflecopter (see below). The winner will get to choose any item from my TPT store  (excluding bundles) I highly encourage you to choose my adaptive books!  I  linked my books here so you can get an idea if you want to enter my giveaway!

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