Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meet my speech room mascot!

                   Meet Jello Wizard, the speech room fish! 

 I recently added a friend to keep in my classroom at school. This summer he will travel to my office at my clinic! Not only does he provide my room with some style (he came with a beautiful plant), but he also motivates my students and elicits language!

How I use Jello to motivate my students:
  • My students get to feed Jello when they work hard on their objectives or have good behavior in speech! We feed him 2-3 times a week so the students work hard to get a chance at feeding him!
  • Jello is also feisty! If you put your finger on the vase (I don't let them tap it) he will try to bite your finger!!! The students think this is fun! 
How I use Jello to elicit language:
  • My little ones are encouraged to say hi to Jello and ask if he is hungry! 
  • We talk about what kind of animal Jello is. 
  • We also talk about what he look likes and how he moves! 

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