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Conversation Builder Teen App Review

Conversation Builder Teen by Mobile Education Store


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Many of you who read this blog are aware that I love apps from Mobile Education Store!! They have created some of my favorite apps to use in therapy such as Tense Builder, Rainbow Sentences, Conversation Builder, and Sentence Builder! This app is another one of my "go-to" apps! This app is targeted for older clients (teenagers) who struggle with social skills.

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What I really like about this app is how real the conversation topics feel! I haven't been in high school in a long time, but when I went through the app, it flooded my memory of the  many issues kids this age go through! Students who struggle with pragmatic language skills must learn how to read social cues and deal with different social situations to survive this trying time in life! Conversation Builder Teen is a great tool to help walk them through everyday situations and give them the skills to know how to react or respond appropriately.

Basics: The student will be presented with a variety of different conversation themes (school, relationship, sports, entertainment, bullying, sarcasm, and more) and they will be asked to initiate conversation, respond to conversations, and participate in group conversations.

The student is presented with a picture stimuli and is given answer choices to choose from. The student is taken through a whole conversation from greeting to farewell.  I like that if they pick an inappropriate answer, there is immediate feedback that offers a clue to what an appropriate answer would be. For example: The stimulus is a picture of a teenager approaching and it is wanting the student to initiate a conversation. If the student selects a wrong answer it will prompt "It's best not to start conversations with a statement, try a greeting or an invitation." You can then discuss with the student the differences between statements and greetings if needed. After each stimulus the student can record themselves saying the appropriate thing.

There is an Info tab and a History tab at the top of the screen to review the subject of the conversation and the previously stated items if you need to review during the conversation.

I really like that after you are finished with a conversation you can listen to all of the recordings and email it for the students to take home with them. 


Features (from Mobile Education

  • 300 distinct conversations
  • Over 4000 audio clips
  • Conversation themes of School, Sports, Entertainment, Bullying, Sarcasm, Relationship, Summer, and Clothes
  • Visual interface to learn the pattern of conversation
  • Students record their half of the conversation
  • Group and one-on-one conversation settings
  • User photos may be imported into group conversations
  • Student can initiate or respond to conversations
  • Student recordings are interlaced with pre-recorded audio to create complete conversations
  • Real time history allows student to replay every segment of a conversation
  • Conversations may be archived and emailed
  • Parental controls to lock out some conversations

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