Monday, October 1, 2012

Questions2Learn Review and Giveaway!

Questions2Learn Review and Giveaway! iPad App

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Questions2Learn was designed by a speech language pathologist to teach people (across all ages) to understand and answer WH questions (Who, What, Where, and When).  Another great tool to add to your iPad tool box to target these language concepts.

  • 262 questions (targeting Who, What, Where, and When)
  • Data Collection and emailable/printable reports
  • Run individual or group sessions (up to 4)  with customized options for each student
  • Real life images and human voice
  • Create your own questions using your own images and voice recording  
  • Modify existing questions with new pictures/audio
  • Visual and audio praise for reinforcement

*I really like the different levels for picture stimuli. There are four different levels: 3 pictures, 4 pictures, 5 pictures, and no pictures.

Level 1-3: The student is asked a question and asked to pick the correct picture out of 3, 4, or 5 pictures. Data is tracked by what picture the child touches (in calculates % of accuracy of correct responses/touches).

Level 4: This level is great for targeting expressive language! No pictures are presented and the child is  asked a question. You then will pick the one of the bones (well done for correct / keep trying for incorrect). I really like using  this setting after they have mastered the previous levels which target receptive language.

*You can turn the visual prompting, auditory feedback, spoken voice, and visual for trials on/off
*You can also pick the reinforcement type: Visual/Auditory/Both/None
*You can set the reinforcement schedule: Intermittent or Continuous
The visuals are pictures of the creator's dogs with "Well Done" "Good Job" "Awesome" The students I have used this with really liked the dogs!!
*Customize the number of trials per session (5 or 10)

Data Tracking: This app tracks a percentage of accuracy for each session that can be stored and viewed at a later date. It describes what level, category, WH question type, and percentage on the screen. This report can be printed or emailed directly from the data collection screen. A great feature here is the ability to print the current session or all the sessions stored. This would be great for quarterly progress reports or to track progression over time.

Example of what the email-able report will look like.

They also include a great info tab (on the home screen) that gives you information about the app/company, how to use the app, and credits. Download the FREE version today and see for yourself! (The free version has less features and you can add up to 3 students! That is perfect for those on a budget or who like to "try it before they buy it.")

What I like: I like that you can customize the settings for each student and run group sessions. I also like the data tracking and reporting features. I always appreciate real life photographs (I feel they are more meaningful to the students and they can relate better to real objects).

What I would like to see: I would like  to see some changes with the "When" questions. They seem a little confusing to some of the students I tested it on.  What is great about this app though is that you can go into and modify each question on each level. So if you have the time, if you don't like a specific question you can go into the settings tab and push "customize each question" and add your own pictures and recordings!
I would also like to see more trial options (up to 20).

Taking the app further:  A great way to help the child generalize the skill is to expand on the question. For example: "Where do you sleep?" They would push the bed picture and then you could ask "What room is your bed in?" If it is a what question you could see if it relates to items in your room or house and point those things out: "What do you use to stir food?" The child would push spoon and then you could get a real spoon and pretend to stir something.

Speech Pups has generously supplied me with two copies of Questions2Learn for Panda Speech followers.
I am giving away two copies of this amazing app! There are two ways to enter!  Contest will end October 6, 2012 at 11pm.
1.  Enter using the rafflecopter below. 
2. Enter by leaving a blog comment on this post answering the question below. This is for all of you who don't prefer rafflecopters! Entries will put into a hat and drawn at random by my son (a picture will be posted of the winning name!).  
Here is the question I want you to answer in your comment: What language topic would you like see targeted in an app? 
*You may enter both ways but you may only win once! If your name is chosen on both, I will re-draw in the rafflecopter. 

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  1. I would like to see an app that works on using modified noun phrases :)

  2. I'd like to see apps where the student needs to ASK various question forms rather than answer WH questions.

  3. I'd love to see an interactive pronouns app!

  4. I would like to see interactive wh questions.