Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Preposition Pets Review

Prepostion Pets Review
By Zorten $1.99

Download on iTunes here

This is a fun matching game that targets prepositions!  I really enjoy using Zorten apps in speech therapy sessions and this is another great one! Understanding prepositions is an important concept for comprehension in daily activities. (Key in following directions: Put your pillow on your bed, put the trash in the trash can, look under the table, sit next to your brother ect...)

Basic Features

  • Four different game board sizes and themes to choose from (Themes: tree, bird house, cactus, and bird  Sizes: 4X4, 4X5, 4X6). 
  • Up to four players can play (The child chooses from one of four animals (a bunny, cat, mouse, and pig) to play as. The number of matches each child finds is tallied by the animal picture they chose. 
  • You can choose the touch response: Tap to Flip and Flip Delay (.5, 1, 1.5, or 2 seconds). 
  • You can choose to have a audio prompt ("the rabbit is behind the tree") on or off, sound on or off, and text on or off. 
  • At then end of the game it displays who found the most matches. 

What I like: 
  • I really like how simple this game is to use. It makes working on prepositions fun for the kids!
  • Prepositions targeted:  in, on, over, under,  behind, in front, between, beside, above, below, up, down, around, through, out and off.
  • I love you can use this in a group setting!
  • The price is very affordable and is well worth the money!
  • The settings tab lets your customize it to meet specifics needs. 

What I would improve:
  • I would like to see a more simple board for little ones.  Maybe only 2X3 with bigger pictures. 
Check out more Zorten apps here! My favorite is Making Sequences!

I also use these apps to target prepositions: Preposition Builder view in iTunes by Mobile Education Store $7.99 and Preposition Remix view in iTunes by Smarty Ears $9.99
These apps are geared for more data tracking and reporting (reasoning for higher price tag). 

Preposition Pets is the only app I have seen that targets the skill in a matching game! 


  1. The developer just informed me they are working on an update! Look for it!

  2. I have several children working on basic spatial concepts; I would use this app to facilitate learning of those concepts. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Would love an opportunity to try the Preposition Pets app for my daughter who has Down syndrome and was recently Dx'd w/leukemia. Looks like we will need to home school in the fall to keep her healthy. iPad is one favorite tool for learning at our house. Thanks for offering quality apps for learning!!

  4. I would love this app to work on a variety of skills with my students

  5. hi! I would use this app with my speech students. I have Zorten Token Board and I love it!

  6. would love to add this app to my therapy tools. Thanks!

  7. I would use it in therapy with my SLP clients.

  8. would love to add this to my therapy apps

  9. I would use this app to help my son learn prepositions. It is one of the goals on his IEP.

  10. I actually, am not entering this one for myself. My daughter's speech therapist just bought her first iPad and if I win it, I'll be passing it on to her.

  11. I would de,on strafe to my graduate students how this app could be useful in therapy for a variety of tasks.

  12. I'm speed check! I would demonstrate to my graduate students.....